This is a list of the girls and their books in the Magic Attic Club.

Alison Edit

Alison Goes for the Gold Edit

Alison travels through the mirror to the Junior World Cup Skating Championship in Germany and she skates to the finals. Alison wants to win--until she tangles on the ice with the cool-tempered Katja. Can she be friends with her rival? Who will take home the gold?

Alison on the Trail Edit

Alison finds herself out in the woods, leading a group of weary young campers. When the girls encounter two hungry bears on the trail, they run off into the forest. Now they're lost and only Alison can lead them back to safety. How can Alison earn their trust again? Can she find their camp before the thunderstorm hits?

Alison Saves the Wedding Edit

Alison's excited to be a bridesmaid in a fancy wedding, but doesn't know quite what to do. She tries to keep out of everyone's way, but suddenly she finds herself responsible for ruining the bride's veil and the wedding looks like it will be a disaster. How can Alison make up for the mistake?

Alison Walks the Wire Edit

Alison tries on a great outfit in Ellie's attic, looks into the mirror and suddenly, she is part of Circus Corbellini! With the help of her new friends and a lot of practice, she learns to walk the wire. Even Monty is in the act! But the circus is in trouble. What can Alison and Monte do to help?

Alison of Arabia Edit

Alison is magically transformed into a princess in an Arabian palace and can have anything in the world she wants, with the help of three wishes from her genie, but after using her wishes, she begins to wonder if she has used her wishes wisely."

Alison Rides The Rapids Edit

Alison is always up for a good adventure. Yet when she sees the pounding rapids and meets the other rafters, she's not sure she wants to be a Junior River Guide. Emily, the senior guide, assures her that if everyone works together as a team, their river trip will be great fun. But Kyle and Patrick aren't cooperating. Then suddenly, Emily is overboard! How will Alison rescu ...more

The Tale of Two Alisons Edit

This time, the magic mirror takes Alison to Elizabethan England, where she finds herself a mere peasant. However, she soon meets a young girl who is a true member of royalty, Lady Gwen -- Alison's exact look-alike. When Lady Gwen suggests that she and Alison trade places, Alison is all for it -- until she finds out what being a "Lady" really means. Will Alison be able to Wade back with Lady Gwen and resume her old life?

Heather Edit

Heather at the Barre Edit

Heather appears as a guest ballerina and the other dancers expect her to star in the important lead role. Eager to live up to their expectations, Heather exaggerates about her abilities. Then comes one regrettable misstep. Has Heather's dream ended just as it was about to come true?

Heather, Belle of the Ball Edit

A visit to the magic attic transports Heather to another time and place where she learns to value her loyal friends who like her for who she is.

Heather Takes the Reins Edit

Adagio is an old horse no one wants except Heather, who falls in love with his gentle spirit. But when Adagio balks on the stadium jumping course, Heather is ready to quit - until she discovers that his hidden talent is dressage. Is it too late for them to prepare for the exhibition?

Viva Heather! Edit

Heather finds herself in grave danger when she travels to Spain in 1492. She learns that all Jews must accept the faith of the King--or die! Now she has new respect for her ancestors and the meaning of Passover. But how will she escape? Can she stow away on one of Christopher Columbus's ships?

Heather Goes To Hollywood Edit

Being asked to stand in for child star Rena Malone, Heather is thrilled with the chance of becoming famous, but when things in Hollywood begin to get a little suspicious, Heather wonders where the real Rena may be."

Heather & The Poodles Edit

Heather and the Pink Poodles have just finished singing and the 1950's audience is loudly applauding. It sounds like the dance routine Heather added to the act paid off. Only one more act to beat, and the Poodles go to New York and perform on live TV with teen heartthrob Robbie Starbuck. Now it's the Bennett Brother's turn. Wow! Who is that belting out that song? Will seven year old Benny Bennett spoil the Poodles's chance for stardom?

Heather's Fashion World Edit

Heather is working behind the scenes at an exciting fashion show for the House of Clarice. She even gets to dress one of the most famous fashion models Chantal. But when she is put in charge of little Natalie, things get out of control. Can Heather keep up with the pace of the fashion show and keep Natalie out of trouble?

Keisha Edit

Three Cheers for Keisha Edit

Finding herself at a cheerleading camp is a dream come true for Keisha - and then she gets named squad leader! She knows she can teach the girls her tough pyramid stunt, but why won't they listen? How can she pull them together in time for the final performance?

Keisha, the Fairy Snow Queen Edit

Keisha's the queen of the beautiful Crystal Kingdom. But after the powerful Energy Crystal disappears, the kingdom is in danger. Now Keisha must find the culprit or a new crystal. Will the kingdom freeze before she succeeds?

Keisha Leads the Way Edit

Keisha refuses to stay home with the women in her village while the men join her father, the chief, on an important journey. Secretly following them, Keisha comes upon an old woman who needs her help. But what can make Keisha give up her mission?

Keisha to the Rescue Edit

Keisha is the victim of racial discrimination in Mr. Burns's pharmacy. When she returns from saving a boy's life at the Brookside Country Club, she confronts Mr. Burns about his prejudices.

Keisha's Maze Mystery Edit

A lavish garden party and a croquet match lead Keisha to a suspicious-looking stranger and a conversation about an explosion.

Keisha Discovers Harlem Edit

While trying to find a topic for her school assignment, Keisha visits Ellie's attic and discovers the excitement of the music and writing that flourished among African Americans in Harlem during the 1920s.

Megan Edit

Princess Megan Edit

When Megan tries on a princess gown in her neighbor's attic she suddenly finds herself at a medieval French castle. The peasant girl who befriends her treats her like royalty and begs her to rescue the unicorn. How does Megan tell her that he's not a princess? Will her plan to save the unicorn work?

Cowgirl Megan Edit

Megan goes back to an old wild west show and meets Kate, an expert stunt rider. Kate's father hasn't let her compete since an accident blinded her, so Kate teaches Megan to ride Thunderbolt. Will Megan learn her stunts in time? How can she help Kate?

Downhill Megan Edit

In the Swiss Alps, Megan encounters shady characters in ski masks and a robbery, landing her in the middle of a real mystery more exciting than any she's ever read. Will she be able to master a dangerous ski trail and outsmart the thieves?

Megan's Masquerade Edit

As the guest at a masquerade ball during the Revolutionary war, Megan makes a new friend who desperately needs her help. Now it's up to Megan to get a secret message through to Thomas Jefferson at Monticello! What should she do when she hears her friend's father is a spy?

Megan's Balancing Act Edit

Assured that she is the best on her gymnastic team, Megan becomes obsessed with the thrill of being the star, but when the time comes for her to perform and win the championship for the team, she begins to panic and wonders if she will be able to keep it together."

Megan in Ancient Greece Edit

Megan's in ancient Greece when her uncle's temple is being dedicated to Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. But she has to find someone to inform everyone that the statue has been stolen. Who can she tell?

Megan And The Borealis Butterfly Edit

When Megan finds herself transported to the Amazon rain forest, she can hardly believe her eyes! She meets a young girl named Dana who lives there with her parents. Dana tells Megan about the mysterious Borealis Butterfly and her quest to find them in the rain forest. Megan eagerly helps her search for the beautiful butterfly until she learns the real reason behind Dana's quest. Can Megan stop her before it's too late?

Rose Edit

Rose's Magic Touch Edit

Rose is thrilled to find herself assisting Peter Presto, a world-famous magician who is on tour in Salzburg, Austria. But when a crisis occurs during an important televised performance, it's up to Rose to step in and play a bigger role. Can Rose "magically" save the show--and the master magician's touch?.

Cheyenne Rose Edit

Rose finds herself in a Cheyenne village in the mid-1800's, where she discovers many of the customs of her ancestors. She also discovers Sarah, the young pioneer child who has become separated from her family. Rose is determined to help Sarah, but the unpredictable plains weather proves dangerous for Rose and the others. Will her patience and courage win out in the midst of a raging prairie fire?

Rose Faces the Music Edit

Rose can't believe her good luck. She was chosen to play her saxophone in the school jazz band for the Presidential inauguration, but the plans suddenly change. Can Rose make it all work out or will her interference only cause more problems?.

Island Rose Edit

The island attracts Rose, as well as a surfing contest, even though she has to compete against Haku, a pest. But when he catches a wave and disappears, what should she do?

Champion Rose Edit

Following a disagreement with a friend, Rose visits the magic mirror in Ellie's attic and finds herself as the captain of the Wildcats soccer team.

Jane Edit

Jane in a Land of Enchantment Edit

Jane's first solo adventure through the mirror takes her to a fantasy land where flowers talk and she can fly Everything is so wonderful, until she's asked to help save Lily from the troll who lives in the Enchanted Forest. He's tricked poor Lily into thinking he is something he's not. Will Jane be able to turn the tables on the troll and bring Lily back safely?