This is a list of the girls in the Karito Kids series.

Ling, China Edit

11-year-old Wan Ling, who recently moved to the bustling city of Shanghai. While trying to adjust to a different environment and friends, she learns that her beloved pandas at the Shanghai Zoo, where her father is the panda expert, are sick. She teams up with a new friend and won’t give up until she solves this mystery.

Pita, Mexico Edit

11-year-old Pita, a girl of privilege from Mexico City who bucks the rules of her social class after her beloved horse goes missing. When Pita goes on a search for her horse, she finds more than she could have ever expected -- a new friend in the stable hand's daughter, her grandfather's humble heritage, and a mysterious uncle she didn¹t know existed. Perhaps most importantly to Pita, though, is the strength she finds within herself and the understanding she gains of her horse's desire to run free.

Zoe, New York City Edit

11-year-old Zoe as she takes on a huge real estate developer in New York City to save her home and avoid having to leave the best city in the world! Zoe and her mom are on their own in the city after her father died and it looks like Zoe's idea for saving her home may be just crazy enough to work. The clock is ticking while Zoe and her best friend Hana are on an adventure in New York City to find an expensive missing tiara that could solve all their problems.

Gia Valentina Russo, Italy Edit

Gia Valentina Russo is an 11-year-old girl who works in her family's pensione but dreams of being a famous fashion designer one day. Gia is thrilled when one of the greatest designers of all time comes to stay at their inn. But the dream becomes a nightmare when the beautiful shoes created by the designer can't be found and he blames Gia. Gia teams up with an American guest to fix this fashion fiasco and looks below the surface to learn more than she ever expected about herself her family and the way-cool history of the family's pensione.

Lulu Kibwana, Kenya Edit

Lulu Kibwana is an 11-year-old girl who is on a quest through Nairobi to clear her friend's name after he was accused of stealing a famous statue. Taking the reader through privileged Nairobi as well as its slums Lulu learns some hard lessons about trying to right longstanding wrongs unfair treatment of the poor and choices we all make in trying to help others.

Piper Whelan, Australia Edit

Piper Whelan is an 11-year-old who loves surfing and volunteers as a junior lifeguard. Piper teaches her friends and family about how they can help the environment, which leads to her nickname of “Greeenie.” When sea creatures start washing up on shore and some scary pirates are involved, Piper realizes it's up to her to solve the mystery and save the whales and dolphins!

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