This is a list of the girls in the Girlhood Journeys books.

Juliet, England 1339 Edit

The daughter of a fourteenth-century gameskeeper, ten-year-old Juliet and her friend, Marguerite, become entangled in an adventure with a stranger that sees twelve-year-old Marguerite betrothed against her will, but Juliet's courage, loyalty, and common sense save the day.

Kai, Africa 1440 Edit

When a famine hits the Yoruba village of Ife, in what is now Nigeria, Kai is selected by the king to go in search of help from the Yoruba in the North and travels great distances throughout her country and learns many things along the way.

Marie, Paris 1775 Edit

Marie lives to dance. She dreams of becoming a ballerina, but without a sponsor, she knows she will grow up and raise a family, just like her mother. Why can’t she be as excited about this future as her friend Joelle? But now, Marie has more than dancing on her mind. The colorful streets of Paris are suddenly filled with angry people, unable to feed their families while aristocrats at the King’s court live in luxury. Can Marie find a way to fulfill her dream and help others?

Isabella, Peru 1820 Edit

Determined to persuade the Viceroy to excuse Miguel from being called to service in the Peruvian mines in 1820, Isabella finds assistance from a totally expected source.

Shannon, San Francisco 1880 Edit

Arriving in San Francisco from Ireland, Shannon meets a young Chinese girl, Mi Ling, and notices that Mi Ling is terribly afraid of something, but when Shannon discovers what it is, she quickly finds herself involved in her own grand adventure.

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