This is a list of the girls who appear in American Diaries.

Sarah Anne Hartford 1650 Edit

Puritan Massachusetts, 1650: Sarah has committed a terrible crime--she laughed, played, and slid down a snowy hill with her best friend on the Sabbath. Now she faces the most painful day of her life. If she remains silent, the Puritan ministers will punish an innocent person for Sarah's wrongs. But if she tells the truth, she could lose her father's love forever.

Summer McCleary, 1749 Edit

Just as Summer MacCleary's long years as an indentured servant are about to end, the young mistress she thought was her friend accuses her of stealing. Can Summer find the courage and resourcefulness to salvage the freedom she's worked so hard for?

Mary Alice Peale 1777 Edit

Philadelphia 1777: Mary Alice Peale must find a way to help her wounded brother, a rebel soldier, without revealing his whereabouts to their Loyalist father.

Cellou Sudden Shout, 1826 Edit

In 1827, where Celou Sudden Shout, the daughter of a French trapper and a Shoshone woman, struggles to save the life of a boy held captive .

Willow Chase, 1847 Edit

In Kansas Territory in 1847, Willow Chase is swept away by the flooded river she and her pioneer family attempt to cross and is forced to struggle through difficult terrain to rejoin them once again.

Anisett Lundberg, 1851 Edit

Anisett and her family are struggling to make ends meet by providing food for miners in the gold camps when Anisett finds a small chunk of gold, which she keeps a secret, until a sinister stranger discovers it.

Evie Peach, 1857 Edit

Evie and her father, former slaves emancipated by their owner's will, struggle to make a home for themselves in pre-Civil War St. Louis.

Amelina Carrett, 1863 Edit

Amelina is frightened. She is used to being alone while her Nonc Alain is away trading, but now Yankee soldiers are so close that she can sometimes hear the rumble of gunfire. Just because her close-knit Cajun community has for the most part been uninvolved in the war doesn't mean Nonc Alain's farm would be spared if the Yankees swept through the area. When Amelina makes a startling discovery that challenges everything she's been told about the Yankees, she is forced to make her own decision about what is right and what is wrong. Can she find the courage to face the danger that her decision brings?

Maddie Retta Lauren, 1864 Edit

Everyone knows the south is losing the war, and Maddie can only worry. Will her father return safely from the war to take over the family plantation again? Can her mother hide enough provisions from marauding Yankee troops for the family and slaves to survive the winter? Will Sarajane, a slave and her oldest friend, stay on once the Union has abolished slavery? Will Sherman's army destroy her home? The Yankees have taken so much that Maddie can't recover. There is only one small victory left for her to win. Maddie resolves to keep the hated Yankees from taking her gentle mare, Ginger. Maddie's plan is risky. It turns dangerous when she is captured by Union soldiers. Suddenly Maddie finds herself questioning her own convictions -- and risking her life to save a stranger who is also her sworn enemy.

Ellen Elizabeth Hawkins, 1886 Edit

In Texas in 1886, Ellen finds her desire to be a cattle rancher discouraged by family members who do not think it a proper choice for a girl, but she proves her worth when drought threatens the ranch.

Nell Dunne, 1904 Edit

The ship is nearing Ellis Island. Arriving in America will mean seeing her father again after two long years, but Nell Dunne is still miserable. The journey has been awful; the food is stale and the ship is filthy. Nell's mother and baby sister have been seasick off and on, and her grandmother's forgetfulness and confusion have gotten worse. And now Nell is worried about rumors saying the American inspectors at Ellis Island can send infirm, elderly people back. If Granny Rose is sent home to Ireland, Nell will have to go, too, to take care of her. Has Nell endured the arduous ocean crossing only to end up being separated from her family?

Alexia Ellery Finsdale, 1905 Edit

In San Francisco at the turn of the century, the daughter of a traveling con man faces a moral dilemma when he cheats on a woman who has befriended her.

Rosa Moreno, 1928 Edit

Rosa dreams of becoming a movie star, so she's thrilled when she gets the chance to make her dreams come true. But in 1928 big changes are happening in Hollywood, changes that will alter the movie industry forever. Rosa's behind-the-scenes experiences make her question everything she's fantasized about.

Agnes May Gleason, 1933 Edit

Now that her older brother Ralph has left home, Agnes has to work harder than ever on her family's struggling dairy farm. But can she do a good enough job to please her demanding father? When her father's accident leaves Agnes in charge, she has to decide whether to obey her parents and dump a whole day's worth of milk or take a chance that will save them precious money and keep their customers happy. When things go wrong, Agnes does her best, but will her bold plans make her father proud -- or angry?

Josie Poe, 1943 Edit

World War II has changed life for everyone in the little farming town of Palouse, Washington. Josie Poe spends long nights afraid that bombs could begin to fall at any moment. Her days are consumed with trying to find ways to help the war effort. Like most American kids, she is growing a Victory Garden, wearing clothes that are two or three years old, and saving up money to buy war stamps and bonds. But the harder she works to help the war effort, the more Josie Poe is ashamed of her older brother. Tom hasn't enlisted in the armed services, even though all his good friends have. Everyone in town has a loved one fighting in Europe or the Pacific -- none of the other young men were cowardly about their duty. When a robbery seems to involve Tom, Josie has to find out the truth about her brother. What she learns -- and what she does -- will change her relationship with him forever.








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